The Fundamental Challenge of Our Time

~ Monday, November 01, 2010

Since writing "The Fundamental Challenge of Our Time" I have come to understand some things about the relationship between atmospheric aerosols produced by all strains of the hemp plant, increasing UV-B radiation bombarding our planet, and the effects of boreal forest destruction on climate change.

I am adding this update to the Challenge, originally meant to be a comprehensive rationale for effectively ending Cannabis prohibition on some level, if even only a reasoned one. The following information is as complete as it can be without further scientific investigation, needed to calculate the volume of monoterpenes of various crops, inclusive of Cannabis, in order to figure out what we need to grow to shield the planet from UV-B.

The effects of Cannabis aerosols on climate change, and other dimensions of the plant that contribute to healing the atmosphere, are supremely relevant to successfully rebalancing Earth's ecosystems within the temperature and UV-B tolerances that are optimal to sustainable existence.

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