The Fundamental Challenge of Our Time

~ Monday, November 01, 2010

Since writing "The Fundamental Challenge of Our Time" I have come to understand some things about the relationship between atmospheric aerosols produced by all strains of the hemp plant, increasing UV-B radiation bombarding our planet, and the effects of boreal forest destruction on climate change.

I am adding this update to the Challenge, originally meant to be a comprehensive rationale for effectively ending Cannabis prohibition on some level, if even only a reasoned one. The following information is as complete as it can be without further scientific investigation, needed to calculate the volume of monoterpenes of various crops, inclusive of Cannabis, in order to figure out what we need to grow to shield the planet from UV-B.

The effects of Cannabis aerosols on climate change, and other dimensions of the plant that contribute to healing the atmosphere, are supremely relevant to successfully rebalancing Earth's ecosystems within the temperature and UV-B tolerances that are optimal to sustainable existence.
~ Sunday, March 30, 2003
What follows are excerpts from a twenty-five-page essay entitled "The Fundamental Challenge of Our Time" sent from The Hague, to Mr. George Soros, President Bill Clinton at the White House, and the United Nations High Commissioner in Geneva, by registered mail on July 4th, 1998. The United Nations had just finished champagne-toasting the global "war on drugs," being unleashed upon the world.

The Fundamental Challenge was translated into the Dutch language and adopted as the manifesto for the Cannabis College in Amsterdam in 1998.

Paul J. von Hartmann
Project P. E. A. C. E.
Planet Ecology Advancing Conscious Economics


The Honorable George Soros
Open Society Institute

President Clinton
The White House
Washington, D.C.


The United Nations
Office of the High Commissioner
Geneva, Switzerland

29 June 1998

The Fundamental Challenge of Our Time

Cannabis prohibition is transcended by understanding Truth.


The "green herb" Cannabis, is an uniquely essential, Natural resource.

Corollary Understanding

The 'marijuana' plant (Cannabis, hemp, hennep, hanf, canvas, ma, "Santa Maria"...) has never been, is not, and can never be objectively judged as truly illegal.

Strength of Law, Bias of Reason

Considering the primary, abiding consequence of Natural Law; and by weight of reason in ancient theological traditions, common law, the Republic of the United States’ Constitutional Law, the Sherman Anti-Trust Act, the United Nations International Declaration of Human Rights, the U.N. Single Convention Treaty of 1961, the U.N. Covenant on Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights, and the U.N. Covenant on Civil and Political Rights

The Natural Right to farm "every herb bearing seed" is immutable, beyond morally accountable government jurisdiction.

Formal Challenge of Judicial Authority

On behalf of All Our Relations 65, this is a formal and public individual challenge of the legitimate authority of any government or individual who presumes to prohibit or otherwise constrict availability of the Cannabis plant, for any reason. In the absence of government accountability for supremely relevant, abundant, factual, ancient knowledge and wisdom; and considering the apocalyptic consequences of prolonged,
imposed essential resource scarcity

There can be no truly legal obligation to obey disingenuous prohibition statutes, devolving mankind through spiritual fraud to eventual extinction.


The intrinsic Natural right to grow "every herb bearing seed" has always superseded government jurisdiction. Global agricultural freedom is a fundamental Natural condition that is integral to quality of life and sustainable human existence.

Freedom to farm is essential, for mankind to evolve successfully within Earth’s supremely significant Natural Order.

Essential Cannabis Nutrition

Knowledge of the unique nutritional value of fresh, fertile, organic Cannabis seed is ample reason to simply transcend prohibition of this essential herb:

"Cannabis is the only seed that contains three essential fatty acids (EFAs) in proper proportions for long term consumption."

from "Fats That Heal, Fats That Kill" by Udo Erasmus

In essence, that means if Cannabis was the only other living species on the planet, man would still have all the nutritional resources needed to survive.

Cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, AIDS, liver disease, multiple sclerosis, asthma, glaucoma, arthritis, diseases of muscle spasticity, neuralgia, digestive disorders, female, prenatal and infant conditions, impotence, auto-immune imbalances, allergies, addictions, mental illness, degenerative aging, insomnia, skin conditions, overweight, baldness, tissue injuries, biotic infections, eating disorders, poor eyesight, stress related illness, energetic imbalances, starvation, and most other agonizing conditions in man and animal, caused by essential nutrition deficiencies, can be effectively prevented, safely treated and often cured with the help of readily available foods, rich in EFAs.

Realistic nutritional and therapeutic valuation of Cannabis seeds, flowers, leaves, and roots has been maliciously forbidden by treasonable, economically-motivated "politiconomic" manipulation. Government censorship of Cannabis history and science have resulted in people unreasoningly fearing the God-given 'marijuana' plant, being officially maligned as a" Schedule I...dangerous narcotic drug" with no redeeming value.

In spite of a 5,000 year history that has incontestably established Cannabis hemp's unique capacity to nourish and heal, prohibition-induced cultural "memory loss" has misdirected the social evolution of mankind, like a ship without a rudder.

Rich in vegetable proteins, essential fats, amino acids,

minerals, vitamins, fiber, chlorophyll, a digestive enzyme,

and potent ‘living energy’, Cannabis flowers could be

the most abundant source of nutritionally complete food on the planet.

No one needs permission from the government to eat.

Global Immune Violation

In the '90s, one person out of four are getting cancer.5 What's true for the small is true for All, including the Earth herself. The atmospheric ozone shield, damaged by methyl bromide, chlorine and other anti-Natural
chemical weapons, cannot stop increasing intensities of ultra-violet radiation from weakening every immune system.

Cryptically interwoven bioregions are the global 'organs', possessing analogous 'immune resiliency’, the healing dimension of Earth's ecosystem. Earth’s ‘vital organs’ are being quietly, fundamentally damaged without
Cannabis as a prodigious contributor within Nature's cohesive 'economy of abundance'. The integrity of synergistic evolution is thus critically thwarted, effecting anti-Natural spiritual poverty and the devolution of
All, to inevitable extinction.

In morally accountable reality, no government has the rightful authority to prohibit any Natural, god-given source of nutrition, whether it's essential or not. "Every green herb" is given, every day, to All Our
Relations', by every deity people choose to have faith in. One way or another, by collapse of the Natural Order or as the result of continued violent evolution of man’s social structure, governments that violate the
intrinsic right to be left alone, in health, will not last. People who know about Cannabis have grown in collective awareness of the truth, that no one needs anyone else’s permission to feel better. Prohibition is ended
as people come to recognize the certain and sudden power of Nature's unchangeable Truth.

Because of its unique nutritional profile,

Cannabis is more than merely “legal”.

‘Marijuana’ is essential.

Hemp is a "plant of reknown", widely recognized as the "Tree of Life...which bears fruit every month of the year, whose leaves will heal the nations". I What more could mankind ask -- that we run clean,
sustainable industries with Cannabis? Well, that makes efficient, Earth-conscious, "nations"-healing economic sense too . . .

Cannabis Industry: Sustainable Growth Economics

Most products made from toxic, finite, unevenly distributed, petrochemical 'hydro-carbons', can be manufactured cleaner, better, and cheaper using sustainable agricultural 'carbo-hydrates'. Capable of
growing in almost every soil and climate condition on the planet, Cannabis sustainably yields copious quantities of several biofuels; tasty, healthy foods; safe and uniquely effective medicines; longer lasting, stronger,
organic paper products; soft, durable clothing and high grade textiles; lighter, stronger construction materials; fine lubricating oils; durable paints and varnishes; the best rope; organic agricultural amendments;
therapeutic oils. These are just a few of tens-of-thousands of products that can be manufactured from easily rendered and recyclable Cannabis.7

Because of anti-Natural imbalance, imposed by ‘marijuana’ prohibition, Cannabis is most commonly appreciated nowadays as a psychoactive herb. 'Marijuana' has been safely employed, by billions of people, over
thousands of years, to heal physical imbalance and throw wide the horizons of free human consciousness. Physical & sensual relaxation, recreation, spiritual openness, joyful heartfulness, creativity, sensory
stimulator and enhancer, as a general elixir, dilating sinuses, bronchi and blood vessels and other benefits of organically grown Cannabis are common knowledge.

It is the prohibition, the absence of , the lack of, the failure of man to plant Cannabis that creates the economy of scarcity and economic disparity that has corrupted our bodies, our families, our society, our only
Home. Negative science, proffered to devaluate Cannabis, used to prejudice people against ‘marijuana’ is being achieved by chemical and radioactive perversion of agriculture, conducted by financially corrupted
"gutter" scientists, hooked on the government’s paycheck. 7, 12

The Limit of Law

"Prohibition...goes beyond the bounds of reason in attempting to control a man's appetite by legislation, and makes a crime out of things that are not crimes. A prohibition law strikes a blow at the very principles upon which our government was

Abraham Lincoln 54

Cannabis prohibition stretches the limit of man's law,

beyond credibility, and overextends the jurisdiction of

shamelessly unobjective courts.

Collective denial of individual responsibility for supreme Natural Laws, have afforded a few decades of decadent convenience, comfort, and temporary material gratification for the privileged few. Our denial is being
paid for with accelerating, synergistic environmental, economic, social and spiritual devolution of All. The predictable result is a toxic society, imprisoning its gardeners, poisoning itself to spiritually desolate
extinction. What a colossal waste.

Natural Value

Cannabis is rapidly appreciating as a critical resource in building realistic hope for our children’s future. No material possessions, whatever the toxic-dollar cost, is anywhere near as valuable as a few fertile
‘marijuana’ seeds, the future of All Our Relations, held in the palm of one small, loving hand. That is the true, Natural value of Cannabis ‘marijuana’ hemp.

By under-valuing ‘marijuana’s true, Natural significance to global evolution, man is setting up All creatures for the terminal consequences of our anti-Natural misbehavior.

“Mother Nature Bats Last.”

"Earth First!" 66

Extinctionistic Devolution

Morally dysfunctional statutes imposing essential resource scarcity, mutate free global sustainable evolution, making so-called "laws" against Nature ultimately "extinctionistic". Prohibition has been 'judged' by
infallible Natural processes over time, revealing itself to be violently counter-productive, irrational, unsustainable, and terminally shortsighted, therefore truly illegal.

Undermining supremely significant Natural Laws founded in morality and reason, prohibition threatens All Our Relations, by devisively excluding Cannabis from fair economic competition and interfering with free
spiritual _expression. These two essentially liberating components of human society are equally critical to evolving free individuality and sustainable global economics.

In only six decades, millennia of Natural spiritual, agricultural, social and economic evolution (including a realistic valuation of the Cannabis plant) have been censored from common global consciousness, by
treasonable economic competitors. 7

Even sincere people, who feel deep love for Nature and true responsibility for future generations, are forced to knowingly consume toxic products because agricultural commodities are too scarce, and consequently,
either not available or unaffordably expensive. By prohibiting the world’s most valuable agricultural commodity, fuel costs go up and all commerce is crippled. Regional fuel production and biodynamic composting
could be coordinated using small and medium scale gasification of organic biomass. Farming is based on Nature’s logical rules. Everything helps everything else or goes away. Cannabis is welcome "everywhere". 14
Hemp is a critical blessing, and if we want to survive on this planet, mankind had better generate coordinated active gratitude real soon.

Nowhere Man 67

No creature on Earth needs a doctor's prescription to eat or worship. Six decades of comfortably blind obedience, by too many under-informed people, and obstinate refusal by chemical politicos, to accept
responsibility for the Natural truth about Cannabis, are not sufficient to excuse escalating imposed, essential resource scarcity.

Nature's immutable, universal right to grow the freshest, most fertile, healthiest food on Earth is so much more significant than the concepts of "legal" or "illegal", that it is difficult for many people to consider,
comprehend, or believe. Every creature has a sovereign right to simply exist, as long as we obey Natural Law. Anyone who has ever grown and harvested organic Cannabis in proportionately conscious appreciation,
knows that a Naturally loving relationship with the herb is easily cultivated and powerfully, intuitively, real.

It may be true that the more we think we know, the less we truly understand. Certainly this is the case with ‘marijuana’. Poor education has led to poor judgment. Now that Cannabis truth is easily available, neither
ignorance nor denial of hemp’s real value is justification enough to victimize peaceful people. Cannabis and the people who value it accurately can no longer be prisoners of politiconomic war in the "Viet
Nam-of-the-'90s", quickly globalizing into the "World Drug Civil War" against Nature. 7, 43, 44, 46, 50

The Natural Power of Truth

"The truth will set the truth free."

A.H. Almaas 13

Through a due diligent conscientious process of building a researched, published, individually liberating public record; and through globally broadcast peaceful civil disobedience; having cooperated with credible
people to substantiate the inevitable consequences of imposed essential resource deprivation, I am thanksfull to have recognized decades ago that

Fundamentally anti-Natural, and therefore truly illegal statutes, imposing global essential resource scarcity,

are immediately transcended by knowledge of

the Universally significant and immutable power of Truth.

Only individuals in a society bent on self-destruction would continue to honor "legal" notions that threaten the existence of everyone. There is no such thing as "partial freedom".

If any are unjustly killed, terrorized or imprisoned by the government, then so are All Our Relations. How long can people be terminally intimidated, not wanting to talk directly and completely about the perverse
"side-effects "of Cannabis prohibition addiction; knowing Our sisters and brothers are being left to rot in prison cells, we pay to have built, for Ourselves...?

"Town Hall Meeting"

Freedom of Truth is true freedom.

We are growing in collective awareness of the new era in global communications technology, where a planetary "Town Hall Meeting" is quite feasible and critically needed. Every shred of truth, gathered from
objective authorities in all globally relevant fields, and open testimony by the international 'Family of People', will quickly and responsibly achieve consensus about whether prohibition of the Cannabis plant is a
fruitful policy, within the rightful jurisdiction of man's courts.

Ignorance of Natural Law and intransigent denial of Cannabis knowledge are not credible excuses for prohibition anymore. When people of globally respected integrity and vision (as Mister Soros certainly is) advance
the Natural truth about Cannabis, the world loses precious time, waiting to be credibly educated beyond government manipulation. It is passed time that this information was globally shared to the point of common
understanding. 41

Seeing Clearly

For decades, thousands of people have donated precious personal time, intense energy and other scarce resources. Supposedly "amotivational" grassroots activists have worked hard to overcome unreasoned
prejudices and fears, heroically raising public awareness of Cannabis-related issues, in spite of intimidation from the "authorities" [sic] 5 - 12, 15, 16, 18 -,37, 39 - 53, 55,. The vast scope of related subjects and the
varied, extreme, dynamic talents of the Cannabis deva Herself, has made the whole truth difficult for many people to talk about, fully comprehend or believe.30

Waking up to the truth about Cannabis through global discussion, is the most reasonable, time-efficient way of achieving the broad base of understanding, which is necessary to efficiently transcend criminally
destructive prohibition statutes. Because of mankind's increased technical ability to communicate globally, instantly, electronically, changes in our relationship with Cannabis will happen sooner, and more peaceably,
than they could have even just a few years ago.

Economic Vacuum

In only six decades, illusion and fear have successfully obscured the true value of Nature's most generous, uniquely essential miracle of creation. Discovering that we were born into the darkness of an established global economic vacuum, lacking knowledge of hemp’s real Natural worth, society struggles to awaken the global awareness of forgotten Natural perfection. As a result, humanity is being polarized in an unwinable, global civil war against Mother Nature and ultimately our own survival.

By supporting Cannabis prohibition, people embrace devolution into "politiconomic" (i.e., extinctionist political economic) addiction. Man's anti-Natural, petrochemical-, nuclear-, military-, punishment-based 'economy of increasing scarcity' has no foundation in Natural reality.

Truly worth honoring are the Beings of strong Natural spirit. They who conscientiously reject the popular trap of toxic materialism, intuitively recognize a more holistic relationship, responsibly cooperating within the ultimately liberating Laws of Natural abundance.2-15, 18-20, 23, 29, 30, 33, 37, 41-46, 50, 52

The renaissance of Cannabis agriculture and industry may yet balance our society's unhealthy, perhaps curable, politiconomic addictions. Decades of unnecessarily imposed toxicity and scarcity must be balanced immediately, with efficient, reasoned evolution toward sustainable Natural abundance.

Natural Right of Free Evolution

In the nation of my birth, institutionalized misinformation and unreasoned prejudice, vilifying the Cannabis plant, have been used to dismiss Natural Law and edit history, cheating All Our Relations. Constricting evolution of free agriculture, industry and science, toxic "politiconomics" has been established through staunch unaccountability and globally violent intimidation. Natural agrarian evolution and abundance have been impeded by minor statutes, invoked to deem an uniquely essential herb, an "illegal" plant.

"Drug war" rhetoric, brazen denial of truth, absence of moral accountability, and anti-Nature politics have effectively "outlawed" free global evolution in the economic interest of self-serving, essential resource scarcity. Mankind is being insidiously hooked, on a "drug war" prohibiting Naturally, economically competitive, agricultural resources (i.e. Cannabis, peyote, coca, opium...). Prohibition raises prices, enriching an otherwise non-existent black market.

Timely Earth-conscious economic evolution is precluded as a result of man's violently self-imposed essential resource handicap. That is the fundamental reason man is rapidly eliminating the possibility of evolving sustainable existence, and Universal spiritual consciousness, on this otherwise perfect Water Planet2,7, 11, 19,20.

Time Lags and "Loose Cannons"

Time is the 'limiting factor' in the equation of survival.

Because of dominant extinctionistic economic priorities, political choices honoring reason and free will don't commonly occur. Addiction to man's ‘endless rush’ economy interjects anti-Naturally perverse agendas, set by habitual consumption of scarce and toxic resources. As precious time drains away, it becomes increasingly unlikely that human society is capable of evolving beyond what is proving to be terminal global resource abuse. Before we reach anti-environmental overdose, that quantitatively elusive 'breaking-point' we all determine each day, by the magnitude of our collective disrespect for Nature, we may or may not have time to "get clean" in time to stay welcome in Mother Nature’s House.

There are several major time-lags that preclude an accurate assessment of environmental decay, and critically delay meaningful, coordinated efforts to repair the ecosystem. To say it another way, because time is unquantifiably limited, each day that passes is critical beyond man's abilities to accurately calculate time's real value. By the time we realize it's too late to save the planet, it will have been too late for quite some time. 2

Destruction of the ozone layer, species extinction, seismic and volcanic activity, anomalous weather patterns and other catastrophically consequential "loose cannons", resulting directly or indirectly from man's abuse of Nature, usually become widely known long after the initial destructive event has taken place. It takes additional time to coordinate a group of people committed to healing the problem, more time to identify the source, quantify damage, propose an "economically feasible" plan of action, and implement remedies that may or may not be effective for a while.

It is also realistic to factor in the Natural dynamic of synergistic deterioration of inter-dependent biosystems that occurs while all this is going on. These fundamental relationships have added up to too many unaccountably complex problems, amplifying imbalances in global systems beyond the scope of man’s ability to perceive, understand and fix what we’re breaking.

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